Phragmipedium kovachii is one of the most exciting finds to enter the world of orchid horticulture in recent history. I'm pleased to announce that we are the first American nursery to be actively propagating and hybridizing this great new species from Peru.

This has been a project that we've been working on since May of 2003, when Alfredo Manrique, owner of Centro de Jardineria Manrique, Lima, Peru, was granted the first permit to collect the five plants that we are presently working with. Since that time, three companies have formed an exclusive partnership for the US, European and Asian markets to make this all happen, one from Peru and the other two from the United States.

For further information, be sure to check out these reprints:
Orchids Digest - Nov '09: (discovery and culture)
AOS Bulletin - Nov '07 (Phrag. kovachii breeding)

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Phragmipedium Suzanne Decker

Phragmipedium Suzanne Decker

#742(kovachii 'Laura' X Cape Sunset)

Still one of my favorite Phrag. kovachii hybrids. These have been very uniform in quality with 6" to 7" pink flushed flowers. View more images here

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2018 phragmipedium Wossner Supergrande

Phragmipedium Wossner Supergrande

#1461(longifolium x humboldtii)

I think we can definitely now call the dark flowering form of P. caudatum: Phrag. humboldtii.  This has gone from Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum, to P. warscewiczianum, to P. popowii, and finally P. humboldii.  With that said, regardless what you would like to call it, these are gorgeous when in flower.  Similar to Phrag. Grande, but with darker flowers.

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