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Guest Speakers: Terry Kowalczuk of Flora Peculia in Toronto, Canada
Flora Peculia is dedicated to the promotion of Neofinetia falcata and Japanese orchids in Canada and around the world. The goal is to search out, bring for sale and grow species of Japanese orchids, including Neofinetia falcata, Sedirea japonica, Dendrobium moniliforme and Japanese Cymbidium goeringii. We have over 100 varieties, all grown and presented in the traditional Japanese way.

Guest Vendors:
Daryl Yerdon of Kellys Korner Orchid Supplies
Kelly's Korner will again be present to offer supplies - please contact them to place pre-orders.

Jurate Calise of Grace Emporia - Jamestown, RI.
Grace Emporia offers unique wearables with orchid motifs.



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